Saturday, April 21, 2007

Ah, hell

One of the Blue Angels went down, killing the pilot. I'm not sure which pilot at this point. Nobody on the ground was injured - the pilot manged to bring it down without hurting anybody.

I've always loved airshows, and the Blue Angels come out here most years for Fleet Week and generally shake things up a bit. In addition I've twice been fortunate enough to watch them "backstage" at Boeing Field near Seattle. It's very cool - you can see Fat Albert, their big support plane go check out conditions, watch them come out, get in the planes, take off, and you can see part of the show and then they come on home and sign autographs and such. They are so patient, it's just unbelieveable, to fly a show like that and then sign autographs over and over again and answer dumb questions. It's a remarkable thing to be there some hours later (there's a great museum there which takes some time) and to be getting a quick meal in the caffeteria and having one of them stroll on by, saying hello to the kids and so forth.

Just really nice guys, you know?


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