Monday, March 26, 2007

Post Shoot notes: Sammi

Well, sometimes things work out just perfectly. Friday I flew in from Hawaii and since I kept my schedule pretty clear for when I came back I decided to put an ad on craigslist to see what happened. Got some interesting replies including one gal in particular who just had some myspace pictures and some cute snapshots. Nothing too special, but clearly attractive and some shots showing she's clearly athletic.

Turns out the day we can both do it is today. I hadn't intended to do any shoots this week, but what the heck. I run around setting up the studio (keep in mind I'm not even totally unpacked yet) and sure enough she shows up on time. Plus her pictures didn't do her justice - she looks beautiful and she can do poses like this or this.

As usual, those are just a few I pulled out after glancing at the thumbnails to make sure everything copied OK. I also have a roll from the Holga to develop. Hopefully I'll be able to get those all up on the website soon, but first I have to unpack!


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