Friday, March 02, 2007

New Pictures: Tina (with Mamiya TLR)

I've just uploaded some more shots of Tina. I've put the Mamiya shots into their own folder, because they're square and therefore have their own print options but I don't want them in with the Holga shots - mostly because I want to make it clear what you're getting with the Holga shots!

I should mention something about the double exposure - I'm not usually a fan - this was an accident, actually. The camera prevents you from doing this accidentally (unlike in a Holga!) but I managed to confuse the camera a bit about if a shot had been taken. I think the result's a pretty happy accident so I kept that shot.

The template's not quite done - I might fiddle with the print options a bit, or change the text, but you're welcome to order from it. It's mostly a question of finding out how large of a square print my lab can make and if there's an option worth adding figuring out what to charge for it.

I have some 35mm film and the capability of developing and scanning it, so if I shoot some with a model one question becomes should I mix them in with the regular shots because they'll be cropped to the same 8x10 aspect ratio so that's not a problem, but film lovers might want to find them seperately. Well, I can always have them in two places. I'll cross that bridge when I come to it - but it's an example of the zillion little decisions you have with even a relatively simple website like mine.


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