Monday, March 05, 2007

Memory Card Prices

The last couple of weeks memory cards for digital cameras have been getting cheaper at an absurd rate. Sandisk in particular has coordinated a big price drop - as of today most of the online places are offering amazing prices as of today on a "in stock only" basis. $75 for 4GB Extreme III compact flash cards or $120 for 8GB are typical. A couple of days ago they were twice that. These guys are pretty good and as of this writing have things in stock still - some of the online places are already running out.

Interestingly enough even with the big drop they're still more expensive than brands like Transcend which are pretty decent cards and dropped in a more gradual fashion over the last few weeks. It will be interesting to see if things level out for a bit, or if the glut ends and prices go back up, or if these prices will seem high in a year.

Update: I removed the link to above, because I ordered two cards from them and it's not going well. They charged my credit card immediately, then sent me email saying they'd ship in a couple of days, I'd get them by the end of the week at the very latest. On the Friday they sent me a tracking number. Well, OK, that would mean they would arrive today.... and today they issue a NEW tracking number and say I'll have it at the end of the week by the latest.

So at the very best case it will take two weeks to get something with two day shipping, and of course they have no credibility because they've already lied once.

Update II: It did show up eventually - just a couple of hours before I left for Hawaii.


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