Saturday, March 24, 2007

Hawaii Pictures!

I just uploaded some of the underwater Hawaii pictures - actually a few are above water, but they're all from my underwater setup. I find it useful to take a couple of test shots and it's great to be able to remind yourself how scenic the location was above water as well as below.

I uploaded them with simplified options and in some cases lower pricing, so feel free to order from that page. I'm frankly not sure how long they'll be on the site, or if I'll even link to them from anywhere other than the blog, so no promises you'll be able to order from them later if you delay.

Apologies in advance if you're on a slow link. These pictures don't compress nearly as well as my normal work - those black backgrounds compress really well - so the file sizes are pretty big.

Update: I've removed that original page, but you can see some of the shots on my critters page.


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