Thursday, March 08, 2007

Crane Museo Silver Rag paper

I mentioned earlier that I'd received a print done with Crane Museo Silver Rag paper and was really impressed. It looked like a traditional fiber print, and I've never said that about an inkjet print before. It's hard to judge a paper from only one print, so I ordered some and did some tests.

I'm very impressed! It's a great paper for both black and white and color. It's a semi-gloss finish - the finish and texture are very similar to the luster finishes the lab prints have. It's 300 gsm so a nice heavy paper. 100% cotton. Made in the USA.

They apparently set out to make as nice a print as possible using modern high-end pigment inks instead of being a general purpose paper and it worked. It's telling that on their profiles page (high end papers have downloadable profiles for supported printers) they support all the Epson K3 models, and one Canon printer and one HP printer. Basically the paper was designed around the particular high end Epson inks even though it's not an Epson product.

Plus, since it's relatively glossy, it differs enough from the very matte Velvet paper to make it worth having both options. I've added it as a purchasing option on all the pages with the shopping cart.


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