Tuesday, February 06, 2007

This and That

I've been making traditional platinum prints with negatives from the new printer and they look great. I'll try to get some of those up for sale soon. They don't look substantially different than a ziatype when they're done but the way they're made is different in places. Once I photograph them I'll try to get a couple on the alternative process page. (Update: I've done that - you can also see a ziatype with some gold here - the blue tones don't show up that great in the photo though).

I've ordered a Holga and some film. For those who don't know a Holga is a $20 medium format camera. The negatives are square and roughly two inches on a side. The quality is everything you would expect from a $20 camera. Let's just say they have lots of character. It's mostly for fun but if I get some interesting results I'll do things like take a negative strip and make a contact print in platinum. Should look pretty cool - you'll get a row of say three pictures 2 inches on a side. People also scan the negatives and make larger platinum prints from them - maybe 7x7 as an example. The idea is just to take one roll per shoot as a little side project.

Longer term I keep flirting with the idea of getting a 4x5 camera and this is partially my way of getting used to film again, deciding if I want to develop it myself or not (it's been years since I've done it), deciding if I want to invest in a good film scanner, etc. If it drives me nuts, well, at least I'll know now!

Update: I forgot to mention that I added 11x14 prints to the shopping cart system, so you can order those directly instead of emailing me. The price is the same - $50 plus shipping.

Also I added four cyanotypes and a bunch of platinum prints to my eBay store.


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