Sunday, February 11, 2007

PayPal promotion and other news

There's a $15 rebate promotion that PayPal is running. It has a lot of fine print but I believe purchases from my site qualify - I have the right kind of merchant account. How the customer is supposed to know this I have no idea. Anyway, if you're buying a picture before March 31st you might as well hit the link first and register, it can't hurt. (If you're concerned it's not a legit link - you can just go to PayPal and the same link is on their front page).

I have some great model shoots scheduled - I've been contacted recently both by some great newcomers and some old favorites who haven't modeled for a while. I hate to get too excited about any one shoot before it happens, but with a little luck there should be some nice stuff coming along shortly.

I had a big traffic spike the other day that's still going on. Usually that means that somebody with a lot of traffic linked to me - might be a blog, might be a forum. Often it's "junk traffic" meaning whatever demographic it is probably isn't going to be buying prints. Luckily I have enough bandwidth through my excellent hosting company that isn't a big concern. At the old company it would cause problems and actually they shut down my account because a big porn site linked to my page.

Anyway, it's actually coming from a couple of different forums, so "Welcome, visitors from a couple of random forums!"

(Doesn't have quite the same ring to it as an Instalanch, does it?)


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