Tuesday, February 06, 2007

New print options

Well, I went ahead and added in some new options to the shopping cart system. I mentioned 11x14 already - I also added Vandyke prints and ink jet prints (more on that in a moment).

It also got rather unwieldy so I put in some headers and so forth - check it out.

The ink jet print thing is an experiment. Frankly I'm not that big on ink jet prints unless you have a very nice printer, top of the line inks and paper, and you've checked with Wilhelm Imaging Research to make sure that combination is archival. I strongly recommend against buying an inkjet print from somebody where you don't know what they used to make it - lifetimes might last from a month to a century - seriously, there's that much variation.

I have an Epson R2400 and a supply of Epson's Velvet Fine Art Paper which has some nice texture. It's a matte paper, not a true white so the prints come out a bit warm. I use the Epson inks - the R2400 uses high end K3 pigment inks, same as the really super high end printers. I will say that people say it's a bit delicate - if you scuff the surface it's going to get ugly. It's not as robust as, say, a platinum print. I've priced them at $35 which is a really good price. If they become popular I'll crank it up to $50. The ink and paper are expensive and they're a bit of a pain - they have to dry 24 hours before they're even stacked. Wilhelm rates this combination at 115 years for black and white and 61 for color (framed under glass) which are some of the best numbers they have (Epson probably has some absurd claim - the Wilhelm numbers are pretty good though). They give Fuji Crystal Archive a 40 year rating, as an example.

If people seem to like it, I'll add some more paper options and such. The Epson Premium Glossy numbers are even better and I don't really have any glossy options so that's the next obvious choice.


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