Thursday, February 22, 2007

New Pictures: Katie

I just uploaded an interesting set with Katie. It's actually from 2003 and has been sitting in my "deep six" folder for a while - the stuff that even fell off the archive page. It's sort of my first nude shoot. I'd shot some friends topless or nude for various reasons but don't have model releases or anything like that. This was the first time I found somebody I didn't already know, got them to sign a release, all that good stuff. The first time's hard when you don't have a portfolio, but since I had done a lot of nature photography - that same spot's a great place for birding - I could at least show I knew which end of the camera to point at the model.

In revisiting this set I found that many of the images I liked were more "outtake" shots - shots that show her running to get the towel after a burst of shots, or reacting to the extreme cold. So when editing them I've made no attempt to try to cover up the fact that parts of her body were turning red or getting covered with mud and sand.

I have a couple more early outdoor sets that I might edit - possibly very soon if it goes well. There's also some early studio work. Studio work is harder - since I was pretty experienced shooting birds under those exact conditions my early outdoor work is at least not too embarrassing. My early studio work, well, that's not always the case!


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