Monday, February 12, 2007

Free Print Offer

I'd like to get some of these inkjet prints into the hands of some of my regulars and it seems like the easiest way to do it is just give some away. So here's the deal - any orders placed on this website before 5:00pm PST February 28, 2007 of $99 or over are eligible.

I'll include an inkjet print from my Epson R2400, K3 inks, on some kind of fine art paper. I'm being a bit vague here because in addition to the Epson paper I'm using currently I have some other papers, including Hahnemühle papers, that I'm evaluating and you might get one of those. It will be something nice though - the point is to encourage people to buy them obviously.

The image will be of my choice but if you want to request a particular model I'll attempt to honor that.

Fine Print: One per household, let's not get greedy. I retain the right to end or modify this offer at will without notice. eBay orders are not eligible.


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