Sunday, February 04, 2007

Camera Review

I get asked occasionally for advice about what point and shoot camera to get. And the answer is basically - how the heck should I know? Canon makes a nice camera, and they have excellent underwater cases for each model, and on the high end they have some models with image stabalization where they've always been a leader. But specific models? Who knows, they change every six months, just pick the nicest one in your price range.

Well, I had to buy one of these recently, so I actually have a recommendation. I bought a 710 IS. Why?

  • Underwater Case
  • Image Stabalization
  • Huge screen on the back
  • Underwater color balance
  • Reasonable size
  • Takes AAs (use high capacity rechargeables for good life)
That's really about it - it's to be my new snorkeling camera. Also it's nice to have a smallish camera when traveling if I don't want to lug around my real camera all day. As an example if you're going in and out of museums all day you'll just have to check it all the time, but you still want something decent while wandering around. Unfortunately my last one was stolen.

I'm not going to get a chance to take it underwater for a bit, but I took it on a couple of day trip to Monterey and it's a great camera. Focuses very quickly, the exposure algorithms don't get fooled easily, the quality is great, the image stabalization actually works. Just an all around great camera.


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