Monday, January 01, 2007

Odds and Ends

First off, in case folks don't know, the post office doesn't reopen until the 3rd. It's late this year because of President Ford's memorial service. My understanding is a certain amount of back-end stuff will continue to operate and some deliveries of express mail, but I can't actually drop anything off at the post office for a couple of days.

I've finished the process of going through the archive page and either re-editing or deep sixing the oldest shoots (Dec 2003 - April 2005). Some of the deep sixed stuff will probably return when I have a chance but for whatever reason it was a lower priority - often I shot again later with the same model and there's already better material on the site.

This all ties into my year end inventory revamp, incidentally, so part of the point is that I'm having my lab make prints from some older shoots that I haven't sold in a while so those will be appearing on eBay.

I have some other sets from mid 2005 I want to revisit for one reason or another - in some cases they're just sets that have a couple of shots that sell really well and I might be able to dig up some more if I go hunting for them. But in the short term I'll be focusing on other things.

By the way, speaking of eBay, I keep telling people who try it out for a week and don't sell anything to try again. There's an enormous week to week variation in both sales and traffic. I had a good example of that in December where in two consecutive weeks, one week was ten times the sales of the week prior. The variation is even larger with direct sales (which tend to be fewer but larger orders). Basically you just have to keep plugging and hope slumps are temporary.


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