Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Cathy Shoot Notes

I just finished up a shoot with Cathy. It was kind of an odd shoot for me - she's a local model that I approached for a nude shoot. Well, she's not comfortable doing nudes, but she did need a specific set of shots for a contest. She lives very close to me as it turns out, and I wanted to try some different lighting with some clothing, and I wanted to take another commerical-style headshot with somebody for a new page on my portrait site, so I did a rare clothed shoot.

The contest? There's an annual Hooters calendar. You have to work there to apply and it's very competitive - 4,000 waitresses apply each year. You need a fairly specific set of shots including headshots. You can send in snapshots but obviously if something is nicely lit that can't hurt. There's probably a little niche market shooting this kind of stuff every year, but I don't think they would typically be able to pay a lot. I have to figure out if there's some way to make it work for all concerned. I love the idea of having them all carpool over and shooting a half dozen in one big session. Heck, you could charge admission for that. ;-)


Blogger aristides said...

Hy, there. I'm from Brasil - portuguese speaker - and I wish to say I love your works. Congratulations and Keep the faith!! Regards Miltom

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