Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Assorted Musings

I thought some time ago that I was running out of copies of my first book, and then found some more, whoops. But at this point I'm actually about to run out of both books, although you'll still be able to get them direct from the printer. If you want a signed copy, however, I'd check out the books page to see what your options are.

This does bring up the issue of if it's time to bring out a third book, since I probably have enough new material to come out with something similar. Lulu is still apparently the highest quality print on demand publisher and I'm happy with them so that's an option. It would be roughly the same length and would cover work done after Simplicity came out.

But it's also apparently possible to get the Chinese to whip up a hundred copies of a book with great results. If I do that it will be a numbered limited edition, and probably covering 2004-2006.

No need to decide now, but if I learn of any interesting options I'll post them.

The other news is that I've made test charts for cyanotype and ziatype off of a negative from the new printer and they look nifty. I should be able to get calibration curves and print negatives tomorrow, let those dry overnight, and then make prints with one or both processes on Friday. Then if that all goes well I'll make test charts with vandyke, platinum vandyke, toned ziatype, traditonal platinum... I think that's everything I'm set up to do... make some negatives for each one, test all of those... and I also have some fun stuff on my plate, like I have some gold chloride to add to a ziatype. (Ziatype is capable of making a platinum-palladium-gold print oddly enough).

Anyway, point being this business of getting a new printer is really painful in the sense that you can spend weeks recalibrating everything if you know how to do a bunch of processes. But once you have a good calibration curve, you can take an image, print a negative customized for that process, and have it come out great.


Blogger cosfrog said...

Id be interested in more on your processes on putting your book together. Ive been debating on doing one for a while now.

12:53 PM  
Blogger San Francisco Nudes said...

If you go back through the archives you'll find some stuff from last time around. Would have been maybe Jan - April of 2006.

It's easy though, you should do it.

12:57 PM  

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