Wednesday, December 13, 2006

This and that

I had a nice shoot yesterday - I 'll get those edited when I can. Still two shoots scheduled this week and possibly a maternity shoot Monday and then I'm done shooting for the holidays although I'll still be editing pictures and so forth.

I listed two new tea toned cyanotypes for sale one of Sarah and one of Clarissa. These were via an extra lengthy pain in the butt process (technical term) so don't expect to see many of this tone. Most of the tea toned cyanotypes I listed have sold so I'll see if I can make some more but probably more of the purple/black tones which uses straight tannic acid and works a lot faster.

In some ways it's not a lot of work, but you do have to kind of be around the house and willing to check it out every now and again. It's basically like cooking a pot roast.

I listed a traditional platinum print of Elanora. I'll post some thoughts about the two processes once I've made some more prints, but I'm still mostly fiddling with test charts and things so I won't have any prints for sale for a bit. Once I do they'll probably mostly be the 5x7 image, 8x10 paper ones to start until I get it down. There's a lot of fiddling with platinum/palladium ratios and such and there's no point in burning through any more platinum than necessary while figuring this out. (The basic rules are that to get a really dark black you need some platinum, but just platinum has a lot of grain. If you want smooth detail you need a lot of palladium. Something like 25% platinum seems to fit my taste.)


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