Saturday, December 30, 2006

Re-edit saga continues

Basically what I'm doing at this point is just looking at items that had originally been tagged as a keeper - which is somewhat more pictures than the pictures that actually made it onto the website. As a result the following sets have been edited to 8x10 and have a slightly different final set of shots since I'm making slightly different decisions the second time around.

(links removed - these have all since been retired)

Obviously it's going really fast, since I do very little post production on my images. Much of it's pretty mechanical - frankly I got a lot of DVDs for Christmas and it makes me feel productive while I watch this stuff.

The next job is to do the first three sets with Kat. These will be kind of weird to go through, partially because I later edited many of those images into black and white to sell, but didn't update the set on the website. So some of the images look funny to me - "Hey, that's not supposed to be in color!" It will be interesting to see if what I end up with has much to do with what's up there now.


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