Thursday, December 28, 2006

Re-edit: Persis

I went ahead and re-edited the first Persis set. This situation's a little different than before. I didn't want to mess with certain images that sell well but at the same time this set was originally edited when I was sticking to the 4x6 ratio the camera sensor uses rather than the 8x10 I settled on as being nice for this kind of work. Some of the shots had been updated over time, some hadn't. So I thought I'd just go through and standardize it. I also skimmed the original shots and included a few that haven't been seen before - maybe I just missed it, maybe I saw a crop I hadn't seen before, the reasons vary.

I might do one or two more older sets like that - this time of year it's good to get a lot of that kind of infrastructure stuff done.


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