Wednesday, December 20, 2006


It's probably going up again in May, 2007. Your regular first class stamp will be 42 cents. One bit of good news is that they're probably going to come out with a stamp that's valid for one ounce of first class mail forever so you won't have to keep doing 1 cent stamp updates every time they raise rates (about once a year now).

Priority mail is going up by 60 cents for my most common situation. Global Priority Mail flat rate envelopes are going up by $1.50.

Obviously at some point I'll have to fiddle with my shipping rates to reflect that. It's a bit overdue - I actually lose money on shipping in some scenarios right now depending on exactly what you buy. The worst case right now is certain international things need to go in a box and I need something of an odd size and I haven't been able to find them cheaper than a couple of dollars each even buying 25 at a time.


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