Saturday, December 16, 2006

New Model: Nicole

I just uploaded a set with the lovely Nicole. If you haven't seen them already you might want to check out the set with Mavis I uploaded a couple of weeks ago.

I've been doing just a bit of editing of old sets - nothing I plan on doing on an ongoing basis, but there's a couple of more I might do. Anyway, they're Loo, Tawny, and Bella. Not up to the current standard, but at least I fixed some inconsistent color balance issues I was having with my lights at the time that newer software makes easier to tweak on an individual basis. This is basically in the category of if I can fix up some old stuff while watching TV I'll do it, but not if it really cuts into my day. I'd rather be working on new stuff.

I had a great shoot yesterday with Michelle and will try to get them edited and up sooner rather than later but no promises! That's my last shoot for a bit but I have one potentially great shoot scheduled for very early in the new year so it won't be such a long wait for new stuff if that works out.

I should also note - it doesn't seem to be as bad as last year, but the post office is slowing down. My lab's working extra hours so their turnaround time has been excellent. So if you make an order it will probably be a bit slower than normal to get there but nothing too bad.


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