Sunday, December 31, 2006

Happy New Year!

Well, I just got back from looking at the quilt exhibit at the local art museum (hey, today's the last day). The wild life of the artist!

It's been a big year - lots of craziness in my personal life, most of it not of general interest (unless somebody wants to hear more whining about my broken ribs or heart from the first half of the year).

I started the blog 1/27/2006, had some great shoots and learned a lot in the process, learned to make alt process prints, did my first maternity shoot which turned into a nice little maternity portrait sideline, did quite a few more portraits than ever before, learned to shave with a straight razor, brought out Simplicity, made continual progress reorganizing the website and making it easier to buy things directly, switched to a way better hosting company, shipped to some new countries (I'm at 23 I think), and got in some nice travel where I could.

All in all not such a bad year - ended nicer than it started, that's for sure!


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