Saturday, December 09, 2006

Deposit Update

I know at least a few regular readers of this are photographers looking to see how things are working out with different approaches, and I thought I'd post a little update on deposits for portrait work. It's worked out great - nobody's given me any guff about it. Everybody who has left a deposit has shown up, as scheduled, on time. A couple of flakes who seemed interested were flushed out earlier rather than later because they just never sent anything - these are the same people who would schedule something and then just not show up or cancel at the last minute.

It's conceivable some people are put off by it and I just never hear from them, but business is steadily increasing even though I don't advertise it so it can't be too bad.

My one regret interestingly enough is that I didn't require a deposit for a portrait shoot scheduled for Monday because it was set up just two days ago and there didn't seem to be time to send a check. I should have had her use PayPal (I can process Visa and Mastercard through PayPal even if they don't have an account). Well, apparently she got cold feet because she cancelled today and didn't suggest another time.

This is an extra shame because I have model shoots scheduled for each day Tuesday-Friday and the portrait work would have just covered the model fees for the models I'm paying (some are trades).

Anyway, the plan went from 5 shoots to 4. One's still somewhat tentative - I'll post the final count in a week.

Oh, and while I'm at it I'll mention that I tea toned two cyanotypes. I'll post a link when they're up for sale. I took a different approach to see if I could get very tea colored ones (the purple/black ones tone relatively fast). One was in various fluids for seven hours - ammonia to bleach it followed by instant iced tea to color it. I couldn't have done this with any paper I've seen previously but the COT320 was fine. Amazing paper. Anyway, they look very cool but it's not the sort of thing you can exactly mass produce, considering you have to start with a cyanotype which isn't exactly a quick process.


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