Friday, December 29, 2006

Anybody need a light?

I've historically used Alien Bees flash units, which are kind of the junior cousin to the White Lightning line. White Lightnings are very high quality - the bees have plastic cases and are less tank-like but are basically the same otherwise. They have a goofy name and originally came only in goofy colors to keep wedding photographers and other stodgy folks from buying them - I think the margins on the White Lightning line are higher and they didn't want to undercut their own business too much. If you poke around on the net you can find lots of reviews.

Anyway, I recently bought some new gear, and in the process I have a black AB400 which is kind of nice to have but not critical. It's actually my first real studio light, around 3 years old, and it's been used for most shoots for at least a few shots. I couldn't hazard a guess on how many flash cycles it's had - tens of thousands certaintly but the bulbs are rated for 250,000 I believe. There's nothing wrong with it, it's just that I don't really need as many lights as I have now, and I'm gradually replacing my bees with White Lightning units, so if I can get a good price I wouldn't mind letting it go.

New they run for $225 plus shipping ($10ish). On eBay they typically run 80% - 90% of that. It's probably a bit of a long shot, but if there's a San Francisco Bay Area photographer who could use one of these I'd be willing to take $190 if we can get together and do a transfer. That would save you on shipping and save me the trouble of figuring out how to ship it which I'd really like to avoid. I'll even throw in the case - a $13 value, whoo hoo.

If it doesn't sell I'll just wait until I buy another WL unit - probably this spring - it will be quite redundant at that point and I'll post something here about being willing to ship it, and if it doesn't sell in a week or so I'll stick it on eBay.

Anyway, if anybody wants it, give me a shout.


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