Friday, November 17, 2006

Weekly Update

I did another shoot with Abby - here's her old set - mostly doing some portfolio stuff for her but I'll get at least some stuff up here once they're edited.

I made another cyanotype on papyrus - I'll put it up for sale at some point. I have another negative that I intend to print on papyrus and I may wait until that one's done first.

I have some 8x10 COT320 paper on order and once it arrives I'll do two things - make a less expensive line of ziatypes with an image around 5x7, (should be $50) and I also think it's time to proceed along with a project I've been meaning to do which is to take a variety of space images and print them in platinum. NASA has all kinds of goodies that you can use however you like so why not? I'll be selling them on eBay under another ID. Eventually I'll be printing some of my travel and nature photography under that account as well. I'll post details here once I get that rolling.

That should keep me busy for a while, anyway!


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