Saturday, November 11, 2006

Weekly Update

First off, thanks to any veterans reading this, especially those who are active duty in the US military - I know a number of my customers are. It's actually a problem sometimes since I do ship to APO/FPO addresses where possible although those addresses are still subject to local customs rules. My stuff's considered illegal in several countries... (artistic merit doesn't enter into it).

I have a cold, nothing serious, but I was short on my running last week and it's too early to tell about next week.

I've listed quite a few ziatypes - one's still up for auction - I also had ten in the store but that's down to eight since some have been purchased already.

I also sold the cyanotype on papyrus I made a while back and the customer's received it and absolutely loves it, which is reassuring. I think they're very cool but it's always good to get a reality check as to if anybody else likes something I like!

My two next goals with the printmaking is to make a couple more papyrus prints and to try some toned ziatypes - if you add a bit of sodium tungstate it warms things up quite a bit. I think I'll probably prefer to use ziatype for neutral blacks and vandyke for warmer pictures but it's silly not to try it, especially since I do have some of the toner already.

I just put in an order for some 8x10 paper which would let me make 5x7 ziatypes. I got it because I'm probably going to be involved in some art trades and it's an easier size to deal with and mail but I may also make some for sale. They'd let people check out a ziatype for less money ($50ish). I'll see if I can get some made in time for Christmas - they ought to make good gifts although generally the books and calendar make the most sense for gifts.

This is probably a good time also remind people that the whole mailing system gets kind of crazy starting around Thanksgiving. Packages always seem to get there eventually but a package that normally takes two days might take a week. And it just seems like there's more opportunity for something bad to happen the longer the post office has it. So if you're thinking about getting something, sooner's always better than later.


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