Tuesday, November 07, 2006


Some races today are so close, and so dependent on voter turnout, that unexpected rain in some states may influence the outcome. If you were too lazy to get your ass out to a polling place I don't want to hear you whining about the outcome.

In other news, a local photographer who's worked with Kat and Persis and Sarah is putting his toe into the eBay waters. Check out his store. My feeling is that the more good photographers that sell there, the more it will be a 'destination' for collectors so go show him a little love. :-)

I've put a Ziatype up for auction. It's a featured item (which costs about $20) and it's basically an exercise in getting traffic - the hope is that folks will see it and check out the other stuff while they're there. I started it at a penny - as of this point it has some bids but nothing too serious. In a weird bit of eBay logic people tend to click on items that already have bids, assuming they must be good, so a little early bidding action is always nice.


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