Monday, November 27, 2006

Space prints!

OK, you can check out four of the eight space prints I made on this eBay account. The plan is to list the other four in a couple of days. Anything that doesn't sell I'll relist once. Worst case that will be $25 in listing fees so I only have to sell one to at least get my listing fees back. If a good number sell, I'll list more and probably also some of my nature/travel photography in platinum. If they don't I'll dispose of them elsewhere.

It's very weird using a second eBay account - all the settings are different, I don't have the selling manager on that account, etc. etc. If it's successful I'll have to open a store (which has a monthly fee) and so forth. But I think there's a lot of potential with this stuff.

I listed the two brush coated 11x14 nudes of Helena here and here - as I said they're a bit rough on the edges. Experience shows some will be horrified and some delighted. Let's hope the delighted ones have a few bucks to spend!

Well, I have to package up prints and head to the post office. Everything piled up over the Thanksgiving weekend - it's always a bit odd telling Europeans I'm going to be a little slow to ship because of a holiday they don't celebrate. I assume because of American TV/Movies they basically know what the deal is with Thanksgiving but perhaps not just how many people travel and how much is shut down for a couple of days.


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