Wednesday, November 22, 2006


Much like how I got started with paid portrait/maternity work - when you do something and are pretty good at it, people start asking you about related activities. People have started asking me about making prints for them from their work. The two scenarios are a photographer who wants to sell them but doesn't want to invest the time into learning the process and somebody who just wants one to have or to give as a gift. So I have to be able to offer suitable pricing for everybody from somebody who wants one and somebody who wants an edition of 30.

So I put up a little page describing costs and so forth. You can read it here. This isn't something I'm going to promote heavily - right now there's just a link on the bottom of the alt process page - but at least now when people ask I don't have to rehash all that.

In other news I have two shoots I've done that I'm currently editing. One is the shoot with Abby I mentioned last time - it won't be large but there's some nice stuff in there. The other is very cool - I can't wait to start editing it!


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