Sunday, November 26, 2006

New Pictures: Mavis

I just put up the new set with Mavis.

In other news, over the last couple of days I made a bunch of 5x7 image on 8x10 paper ziatypes of a variety of subjects - space images (courtesy NASA) and family stuff and just different stuff I had around from different cameras and times. No problems - it's very reassuring to be able to print a diverse set of things and have them all look good. It's also nice because I mostly brush coated them and that worked great as well.

I'll be putting a variety of these images up for sale once I've had a chance to photograph them. Probably under another name but I'll put up a link here - I just don't want somebody buying a picture of Saturn to worry about getting feedback from "San Francisco Nudes". I'll probably start them at $40ish.

I also brush coated two images in 11x14 (8x10 images) and they're um, a bit irregular but given the images in question that's OK. They do look a little extra handmade. I'll put them up for auction, who knows, maybe people will like them even more than normal. I think I prefer the rod coating for images that large at this point - you only have so much time to work everything in and there's twice the surface area to deal with - but it's nice to have the option.

Next up is a bunch of cyanotypes, which will probably take me a few days to go through, and then I intend to have a set of nude ziatypes on the smaller paper - they'll be cheaper than the usual ones ($50), easier to mail, and I gather some people prefer to have nudes be a bit smaller rather than a bit larger if they're going to put them up someplace public. It's always good to give people options.

I'm also booking shoots up until December 15 and then I'm taking a break from shooting - so any models reading this, if you've been meaning to drop me a note, now's your chance!


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