Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Some site updates

I updated the alternative photography section with some new pictures. I'm hoping to add some sections for some other materials and processes soon when I get something to show, so to kind of split up the work I made sure everything else was in order first.

I'm doing one of my periodic inventory checks - refilling the eBay store with dozens of pictures and I also removed a few (and found one duplicate, oops!). I'd let the store get to about 100 pictures down from peak which was too far. I added around 50 which is a good level, I think.

Next I'm going to do a mini A-Z with my listings - going through each model listing pictures in rougly alphabetical order and at the same time if I don't really have enough to list putting some of their pictures in my "pictures to order" folder that I use to fill out the minimum order when I order prints for customers. The good news is that you'll see more variety for a bit, although that also means I probably won't get back to the favorites for a while.

The other housekeeping thing I need to do is something I haven't done in a while which is basically to go through each model's page on the website and trim it down a bit. Basically as time goes on and I get some distance from the shoot I'm always a harsher critic and there's always a couple of pictures I wouldn't include today. This means over the next week or so you may see a gradual slimming down of the website - whole sets won't disappear or anything, just a bit of tightening up of the sets.


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