Tuesday, October 17, 2006


Models never fail to amaze me. You'll get a letter from somebody who's polite, articulate, and seemingly motivated and they basically insist on getting coffee to discuss a shoot before doing the shoot. And then you show up, settle in, and they don't show up. No call, no explanation, nothing.

I actually do better than most photographers seem to - I think partially because I have a system where I confirm everything two days before and it weeds out a lot of folks. As an example I just heard from my Thursday shoot saying she couldn't make it because of work stuff... which is understandable, but note that she didn't write me on her own - it wasn't until I wrote her and asked that she bothered to tell me.

For portrait and maternity shoots I require a deposit which helps tremendously. It's really tempting to do something similar with the models but I'm not sure how it would fly. I know some photographers do it.

The good news is I had a nice shoot Monday with a nice gal who was on time and everything. I'm hoping to get those pictures up soon. I still have shoots scheduled for Wednesday and Friday - I'll report back on how those went!


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