Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Sigh II

Today's model is 20 minutes late. She was supposed to be 18, tall, blond, girl next door cheerleader type. Long toned legs, that sort of thing. It's conceivable she'll show up eventually - which is a shame because I'm about to bail and go run errands rather than sit here - but I can't call her because she's a model that slipped through without giving me her cell #. This has always been a bad idea - I've had models who were lost and couldn't find my studio and I called them at 10 minutes after and got them sorted out. They, of course, hadn't brought my number with them.

So as of now it's a requirement - no phone #, no shoot. It won't stop the total flakes - they'll just not answer when I call - but at least I can make sure it's not some scenario like the above and I can get on with my day.

Incidentally, this is exactly why I usually avoid working with 18 year olds. Your average 20-22 year old is much more reliable, is usually way more comfortable with being nude, and just generally much more confident and that usually comes through in the pictures. Interestingly enough most of my top selling models are around 22-26 - the few 18 year olds I've worked with are pretty but their sets never sell very well. Not exactly the conventional wisdom...

Update: Never did hear from her.


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