Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Grab Bag!

First off, thanks again for everybody who ordered while I was on vacation. I sent out seven packages today to four countries and have ordered the prints for the orders I couldn't supply out of my inventory (including ones going to a fifth country). They'll go out in another big batch around the end of the week.

But the whole inventory issue brings up another point, which is that I often carry a little more inventory than really makes sense and it's not always easy to do anything about that. If you list some pictures at discount people assume there's something wrong with them, and some I can't list on eBay because they're too explicit (they keep changing the rules and even topless only pictures can be a problem if somebody decides they're "too sexy").

So I'm trying something different, which is a grab bag auction. Basically it's a fixed lot of 10 prints and only one is displayed. I say in the auction I'll try to work with model preferences, but I'll also say if somebody reading the blog wins it you can also say if you have a preference for more explicit or more implied nudity. (I didn't want to imply in the auction that I was selling something you can't list on eBay).

I have no idea if this is going to work or not. Somebody may very well get a real deal on some cool shots. Obviously I'll only try this again if the final price is pretty good. But one of the nice things about eBay is that you can try things easily - see what works, see what doesn't. If it doesn't work I'm just out a couple of bucks. If it works it gives me another tool to work with.


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