Friday, September 01, 2006


Running: Met my goals. Next week - Mon/Wed 2.5 miles, Fri 3.0 miles

Kind of a crazy week - Yesterday I fit in a last minute maternity shoot on the same day I was shooting Hourglass again. I'll try to get the new Hourglass set edited sooner rather than later - it might show up as two sets since we did a fun little lingerie shoot at the end and those don't really have anything to do with the rest of the shoot.

Today I spent much of the day building a UV exposure unit - 6 UV light bulbs on a 2x3 grid. I made two cyanotypes with it today and they look great - looks like about a 7 minute exposure which implies around 4 minutes for Vandyke but I'll have to test that another day. My unit's pretty similar to this one if you're curious. $90 for bulbs, $50 for everything else. Buying one's around $650 so I'm glad I'm "handy" enough to wire up something like that. The alternative process prints have been selling well enough that I was comfortable sinking a day and $150 into infrastructure stuff so I can make prints during the rainy season, which is good to see.

The rest of the week - who even remembers at this point?

Here's a teaser shot from the Hourglass shoot. You see here Hourglass is obeying the safety rules.

(For blue staters and Europeans I should probably say the safety rules. Red staters already know.)

Roughly stated they're...

1. It's loaded.
2. Don't put your finger on the trigger until you're ready to shoot.
3. Don't point it at anything you want to keep.

That's for adults. For kids it's.
1. Don't touch it.
2. Get an adult.

Thus endeth the lesson.


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