Friday, September 29, 2006

Just checking in

Just a few itty bitty updates. I'm still alive, first off. Just having to take a break from SFN stuff for a couple of weeks for personal reasons.

I have three potentially great shoots lined up for mid October - they should all be a lot of fun.

Thanks to the folks who have put in orders despite the warnings that I won't get to them until October 10th. It's kind of an interesting mix - some regular prints, there's been a run on metallic prints for no obvious reason, and a cyanotype. Which brings up an interesting note which is that cyanotypes have outsold vandyke prints 2:1. This is not the conventional wisdom. Most people think that, say, a landscape in cyanotype is pretty weird but it seems to work well with the figure stuff. That's great for me since I absolutely love the process.

My next goal with the alternative process stuff is to get the vandyke exposure time for platinum toned prints nailed and make a half dozen or so prints. It's a relatively expensive process so I'll probably never make a huge number of those but they work really well for certain kinds of shots. To my mind once nice thing as a photographer is to have as many ways of making prints as possible so I can match up individual shots with the process that will show them off to best effect.

I haven't run worth squat - the week I really get back into my normal life again I'll probably fall back to a nine mile week, ten at most if I'm feeling great on Friday.

I think that about covers it. I probably won't update again until around October 9th or 10th.


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