Thursday, September 14, 2006

How do you package your prints?

I've had potential customers ask this and I've had other photographers who want to sell prints ask this. Sometimes fun to guess which they are.

8x10s go in a plastic bag surrounded by two pre-cut piece of 8.5x11 corrugated cardboard, which all gets put into a flat rate envelope. I buy the cardboard 100-200 at a time and the bags 1,000 at a time from Uline. I used to use just one piece of cardboard domestically and I don't think the damage rate is different but the customers seem to like the look of two better - more reassuring.

11x14s including alternative process prints go into a plastic bag, and that gets sandwiched between two thin pieces of cardboard. Then that goes into a box. It's the larger size of the priority mail boxes (there are two almost identical sizes in a "pizza box" format, there are also some "shoebox" boxes and other options that don't work).

16x20s get rolled up with a thin piece of foam that sticks out a couple of inches on either side past the print. That gets put into a tube. I've had bad luck with the free priority mail tubes so I buy document tubes from Uline. They're a couple of bucks each even in bulk but it's worth it.


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