Friday, September 08, 2006


Quote of the week: "You can't love someone into mental health" - Russell Friedman, author of this book. Haven't read the book but I thought that was an interesting quote.

Running: Met all goals. No Public Humiliation (tm) for me. Next week - Two 3.0's one 4.0.

Shoots: I'm still editing the Hourglass set. But here's another preview - it's just been cropped and resized, not touched up or anything. I had a great shoot Tuesday which I haven't looked at yet. I have a potentially great shoot scheduled this week but regular readers will know the chance of any given shoot happening as scheduled isn't what one would hope.

Portraits: I was talking to somebody about scheduling a portrait shoot and they had a great idea - to schedule it a couple of months out, pay the deposit, and then spend the intermediate time working out and toning up a bit. Talk about motivation! I can't recommend it if you're planning a crash diet but for exercise it seems like a clever idea.

Hiatus: Due to some personal commitments I'm going to be mostly offline for a while around the end of the month and the beginning of October. I'll post some more detailed cutoff dates later, but if you want something unusual (large sizes, white borders around prints) I'd get that in sooner rather than later or I may not be able to get to it right away. Also eBay auctions will end in a week or so and then resume around October 1st. (I'll be out of commission for a few more days, but since they take a week to run it all kind of works out).


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