Monday, August 14, 2006


I've been on this cycle the last few years where I run very regularly during the dry season (June - October) and on and off the rest of the year depending on how wet it is (February is usually dryer than March for some reason). This year between one thing and another (broken ribs, some really strange weather, painting the house) I just never got rolling on it.

The thing is I know from experience that I need some kind of external component - I used to have a designated nagger who I used to email regularly and she was pretty good about nagging me if I didn't mention running for a couple of days. (There was some chocolate oriented bribery involved to give her an incentive.) Unfortunately she's no longer in the picture so I've decided to rely on public humiliation.

So every Friday I'll post a little update saying if I did what I said I'd do the previous Friday, and my goals for the following week. I've found that a week is a good kind of granularity. I'll keep it short and I'll also work in any other kind of small things like shooting updates at the same time to get a little on topic content. Oh, and I'm a distance guy so you'll see me building up miles but I'll pretty much never mention times since I don't even wear a watch while I run. Normally I can get up to around 15 miles a week but unless I keep going through the rainy season this year I don't know that you'll see anything close to that.

This week the goal is just to get the regularity going - I've found it just needs to be habit. So the goal is simply to do something- run one mile three days this week. Doesn't matter where (I might specify later since I often run on hills or rough terrain) or how fast as long as I never slow to a walk. Next week I'll increase that a little or a lot depending on how it went. I have a lot of experience at this point knowing roughly how fast I can ramp back up after a break so with the help of Public Humiliation (tm) it should go OK.

In other news I have one more shoot I'm in the middle of editing and then that should be it for a couple of weeks - I'm scheduling the next batch at around the end of August. eBay sales are picking up (July's always slow so I listed almost nothing) but they have some major fee increases coming shortly and I'm not sure how that's going to impact me yet. I do sell more prints direct at this point but it's still a great source of new customers so it's something I'll have to deal with.

I hope to have some more major news in a couple of days but it's a bit premature now so I'll leave it at that.


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