Friday, August 18, 2006

Friday Updates

Well, I'd hoped to have my next set edited but I've been swamped with other stuff. Soon, though!

I have several cool model shoots scheduled or tentatively scheduled over the next month or so - looks like it's going to be more spread out than normal. I hate to get too excited about any one shoot because they do tend to get moved around or cancelled or whatever but it's looking good so far.

The items listed in the two day cheap listing splurge on eBay are ending Tue-Wed next week so there's a lot more items listed than I've had listed in quite some time. Generally people don't spend so much time online in the summer and there's a real seasonality to this stuff. Thankfully it doesn't seem to hit the direct sales as hard as it hits eBay, and the portrait stuff actually seems to be the reverse (more in summer, less in winter) so it kind of works out.

I met my running goals for the week. Next week the goal is to run three times, 1.5 miles each, and to do it over at the marina. The main issue with the location is just that I didn't want to spend more time driving than running this first week where I'm just trying to establish the habit again, but in the long run if I run on the sidewalk there are all kinds of drawbacks including the fact that it's rather hard on my shins. Down at the local marina there are some nice trails along the bay - they're paved but with an unpaved section right next to it. It's tempting to run on the paved area - you go much faster and it's generally easier - but I know from experience the impact is just no fun after a while.

I should also say that once I get up to some reasonable distance I'll fall back to a good rule of thumb which is that a 10% increase per week is about all you want to try for, but until I get to around three miles three times a week I'll be more aggressive. I know from experience how fast I can ramp up to that level safely.


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