Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Freedom of Choice

I had dinner tonight at Stacey's At Waterford (which is in Dublin, CA - there's another in nearby Pleasanton). I eat at both of their locations now and again - usually these days if somebody else is paying, me being a starving artist and all. Both have excellent food and the surroundings are nice enough that you don't feel foolish if you're dressed up, but they won't give you stink eye if you're casual either. I would have gladly hired two of the waitresses tonight as models which is always a nice extra.

Anyway, from their menu: No matter how finicky you are, our servers are trained to resist the urge to slap you senseless. Feel free to ask for changes to your meal. We can add garlic, delete spices, remove meat if you’re a vegetarian -- whatever change you like -- as long as it’s legal. And if no one is watching, we’re flexible on the legal thing too.

I assume they had Scott write that, seems like his style - he's a co-owner or something.

Anyway, I like that. A lot of the fancy places in the city, you ask for some tiny little modification, like "please no sauce" and the waitress will look like a scared little bunny and say she'll ask the chef, maybe he'll be in a good mood today and allow this wild and crazy exception. And then if they'll do it, it's like you're supposed to be grateful.

Why do I bring this up? Not because Scott needs more money, that's for sure. But because sometimes people ask me for something different like they're afraid I'm going to rip their head off, with my artistic temperment and all that. And it's really not the case - I have one regular who frames things such that he'd rather have half inch white borders around a print. Sometimes people will ask for something in black and white that's in color on the website. Sometimes somebody wants some specific non-standard size to go with some other images they already have.

Now, if I think that image won't work that way, I'll tell you why and we can go from there. But given my style most of my work looks just fine in black and white, and most other requests have been perfectly reasonable. Now, it might take a while, and I might charge you extra, but you'll know up front. And as long as you're not crude or obnoxious I won't be offended.

So ask! Who knows, I might say yes!


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