Thursday, August 17, 2006


I'd turned on anonymous commenting thinking people would sign their names but that way they wouldn't have to have blogger profiles. I got a few of those but the last couple of weeks suddenly I've getting some snarky/sometimes obscene anonymous comments and I just don't have the interest in dealing with them since 90% of the feedback I get is via email, not comments.

Like most people with "lifestyle jobs" my income is a real patchwork - print sales obviously (mostly direct even though I've been fussing about eBay lately) as an example my portrait business does OK, especially the maternity work. I just got a small royalty check just yesterday from Lulu. But yeah, it's a lifestyle job, if I were more concerned about money than time/freedom I'd still be a full time software engineer.

And that brings us to the next announcement, which is I got another book cover! It's a nice windfall - book covers don't make you rich but it covers the mortgage for about six weeks. It's coming out in the fall - I'll put up some links at that time.


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