Saturday, July 29, 2006

Why the blog?

I got kind of this weird comment (that made me turn on comment moderation) but part of it was basically this accusation that the point of this blog is to sell more prints.

Um, yeah, what did you expect, recipes?

They actually didn't say what they wanted, but that's probably it. :-)

I have had a variety of posts that are things like where do you find your models? but the original goal was to have a way of saying what new models sets were up. If you want this and no fluff I still maintain an RSS Feed with just that content. As time went on in addition to answering some FAQ items I've talked about the process of putting a book together, talked extensively about how to print cyanotypes and such (a number of photographers wrote to say they found that useful) and in usual blog fashion pretty much anything else that struck my fancy.

My understanding is if you have a political blog and talk about your kids people get upset, and if you have a homeschooling blog and talk about politics people get upset.

Anyway, if somebody wants to know something in particular leave me a comment. Otherwise the blog, like the thousands of pictures on this site, remain free. As long as the prints continue to sell I can use this business model (and no mistake, this is how I earn my living, I don't have a day job) and I can avoid going to some kind of subscription model.

In other news my shoot Friday went great - I'll start editing those shots today. Long story short but I ended up riding my bike to the local BART station (public transit - think Washington Metro, same company built it) and back to pick her up and drop her off since she had her bike with her and it seemed easier than any other way. Kind of fun to go bike riding with a model around the neighborhood.


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