Thursday, June 08, 2006

This and That

Well, I had a really nice shoot Tuesday and am working hard on getting those edited. The largest hurdle is always choosing the keepers - that's most of what I mean when I talk about editing. I do very little to the file in terms of actually manipulating it (I remove a zit here or there, big shock).

I had kind of a cleanout party today - eBay had another cheap listing day and I went through and picked anything that might possibly be too explicit for the main section that I had on hand. They've tightened up again so that's anything with a hint of the evil, evil pubic hair. I basically just want to clear out as much of it as I can so I started everything cheap - we'll see if that makes a difference or not. I've always had really mixed results listing in the mature items section. Go here to see them. You'll need to click on an item and hit submit on the adult warning then if you hit back twice (three times if you had to log in) and reload you'll see the whole list. Thanks eBay for making this easy. Some of this stuff is fairly explicit stuff I did as an experiment - it's not even on the website and once it's gone it's gone.

On the cyanotype front I got all kinds of goodies. The "puddle pusher" (a glass rod with a handle instead of just a rod) means that I'm getting a much, much more even coat. The contact frame I'm in love with - my jaw dropped when I saw how sharp the results were although it adds substantial time. And I got some new paper that worked, and some other new paper that didn't. But now I have two papers with different textures so that's useful. I also figured out some issues with my negatives I didn't like. So I'm feeling like I'm making excellent progress - I still have some things to try (acid bath in development, and playing with the amount of fluid I put down) but I suspect in a day or two I'll be through those and it will be more down to printing a lot of images and seeing what sorts of images work well and which don't and how I can improve the ones that don't.

Total cyanotpe count: 23 sheets


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