Saturday, June 17, 2006

Tea toning

Huh, it works. I soaked a reject image in water with some baking soda mixed in until the image was almost yellow (you can see some blue spots that didn't bleach for some reason) and rinsed it off and put it in some unloved tea for, oh, an hour and a half and it looks great! Note that the whole paper is stained so it takes on a nice antique feel. Very cool. Note the tear - after nearly two hours in the water you obviously have to handle the paper more carefully than I'm used to.

Not exactly a fast process, but the results are good enough to explore it further.

I'll get some ammonia for better bleaching and hit a brewery supply place for my "tea". Since there's lots of wine producing areas around here it shouldn't be too difficult to locate a supply of grape tannin which is probably the cheapest bulk tannic acid you can find and is pure enough for my needs. I'll probably also try some instant tea and instant coffee just to compare.


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