Friday, June 09, 2006

Some plugs

A friend just brought out his first CD. just sent me a nice care package. You can get better BBQ here than you might expect in CA because the particular area I'm in has a lot of displaced Southerners and at least some of them do sell sauce but it's good to get some variety.

If you're looking for a charity that's a bit different, the Special Operations Warrior Foundation has a lot to do. They make sure that the kids of killed US Special Operations personnel can go to college. These guys have a casulty rate that's I think 15 times higher even than regular combat troops and since September 11th they're seeing a lot of action. Usually they aren't that old and they leave some pretty young kids behind so the charity's in kind of a weird position in that they know how many kids are going to need their services when, so they have a few years before it gets really bad but they're having to scale up the operation considerably. They're doing really well at meeting the challenge (No matter what somebody's politics are, most people get why their work is important) but it's still a huge problem and it's not going to get better any time soon. Anyway, they explain it better than I just did, go check them out.


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