Monday, June 05, 2006

Shooting Hiatus Over

Well, my self-imposed shooting hiatus is over, and I have some very nice shoots scheduled over the next three weeks as well as two model shoots scheduled or tentatively scheduled in July (plus assorted portrait/maternity work for private clients).

I updated the cyanotype gallery with two of the seven sheets I did yesterday. Mostly I did tests - literally making prints of test charts or whatever, figuring out density/contrast issues with my negatives - but I thought I'd include one image and one of the tests that actually look like something (four versions of the same image with different contrasts). For some reason they're coming out very noisy on the website - they're coming out much more smooth in real life - so I have to revisit the way I'm processing the images. But at least people can get the idea.

I'm going to wait until I get some "stuff" before proceeding. I have about $100 in books, and $200 in hardware/paper/chemicals on order. Basically as certain items arrive I'll mostly be redoing test charts to compare but I'll do an actual image now and again because it's much more satisfying.

The really scary thing is if I were working in platinum the paper's the same but I calculate the fluid runs about 50 times as much. So clearly I'm going to learn as much as possible with cyanotypes and probably 1-2 other alternative processes before going that route. This is clearly a long term project!


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