Friday, June 30, 2006

More alternative print news

The alternative prints section has been heavily updated, with Van Dyke pictures and examples of masked and unmasked prints. I went ahead and linked to it from the main page so hopefully that will get some attention.

I've been printing 4-5 Van Dyke prints a day for the last 7-8 days and am finally getting some keepers. In some ways I had a leg up since I already had some skills from making cyanotypes, but in some ways it's harder because the prints darken considerably as they dry and between the prints needing a day to dry but also the negatives needing a day to dry if you want to speed things up you kind of have to guess and get some negatives made and hope you guessed correctly. Anyway, I'm to the point where I can reliably print a negative and there's a pretty good chance it will work out. Check out the eBay Store to see the successful ones.

I finally got a good supply of wine tannin I like - if I tone cyanotypes with it I get a really nice black color without quite so many purple highlights as the tannin I was using before. If I use actual tea (instant iced tea is very convenient and cheap) I get more browns. It's basically a function of the pH of the fluid. Anyway, that means I can make a cyanotype look blue, brown, or black which is pretty cool. Probably each time I make cyanotypes I'll tea tone a couple of them but it's very time consuming so it will probably be more of a side thing. Again, check out the eBay store to see some.

I've received and read more books on this stuff - I'll try to put together a resources page at some point with book recommendations and website recommendations. Interestingly enough the more "book learning" I get the more I realize everybody's contradicting each other, but I've managed to find some discussions of the underlying chemistry which is extremely useful. (I have a BS in Physics and have easy access to PhD chemists which helps.)

I'm going to start another set of shoots in about two weeks. Models - if you're reading this and want to work with me, now's a good time to drop me a note! (There's a link to the right where it says "contact me").


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