Thursday, June 01, 2006

Cyanotype update

Well, I now have two bottles of chemicals. At the start of the day I had a collection of random powders and fluids that needed to be heated or ground up and so forth, so I guess that's an improvement. I'm using Mike Ware's new cyanotype process which is kind of nasty/toxic but I was in a college chemistry lab supervised by a professor (in exchange for helping her clean some stuff - the things you have to do for art!)

I have I think four kinds of paper I've ordered from two companies. I hope the first of them will arrive tomorrow and if so hopefully I'll be able to apply the contents of the bottles on some paper, let it dry, cut it up for test strips and get some idea of exposure times and which negatives work best. I've made up some 8x10 negatives at different contrasts and we'll see what works best.

Also just for fun I ordered a big sunprint kit from the Lawrence Hall of Science in Berkeley. It's basically the kids version of a cyanotype but people kept telling me they're fun so I had to try it. It arrived first so I took a couple of negatives and made prints. They came out pretty well, actually! They're on some kind of thin paper and I have no idea what its archival qualities are like but if anybody really wants this print make me an offer.

Speaking of which, unless these prints go better than expected, I think I'll sign and number a few experiments and list them for sale here on the blog only. I'll number them as exp#1, exp#2, that sort of thing. The quality will presumably not be as nice as they'll get if I stick with it, but as a collectable, heck, maybe they'll be worth the most some day. Hard to say, really.


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