Friday, June 16, 2006

Another book plug

I just received my copy of Blueprint to Cyanotypes which is published by - same as my books (if you don't care that they won't be signed and aren't in a rush they're the cheapest way to get my books - pick the media mail and they'll show up in a couple of weeks). It's a great book - I won't repeat my review there but if you want a very cookbook kind of book with lots of pictures it really shows exactly how to make one of these things. The focus is less for professionals and more for somebody who just wants to have fun so the emphasis is on the more basic techniques - your cyanotypes will look more like my first few and less like the current one. But that's fine - it's a great process in terms of just being able to get something cool the first time, but it's also capable of being extended in lots of ways.

I'm going to be using their advice on toning cyanotypes - basically if I take my reject cyanotypes (I luckily started keeping them at some point) and bleach them (they suggest several methods - I'll probably use making soda the first time) and then just soak them in tea for an hour or two the results can be a quite lovely brown image. Depending on how long it takes for my paper and drying rack to arrive for my marathon major printing session I may try this quite soon. But again, it's the same idea - if I like the look I'll get some pure tannic acid and a stronger bleaching agent and do it the more professional way, and if not, hey, I'm out a few tea bags.


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