Friday, May 26, 2006

Store News

Just to let people know, I've added lots and lots of items to the eBay Store. It's interesting - sales direct off of this website are larger than the eBay sales these days which has some effects you might not think of. As an example, my lab has a minimum order size - it works out to six 8x10s. So if you order four (thanks!) I have to order two other pictures to round out the order. What happens to these extra two pictures? That's where my eBay inventory comes from. I also generally buy an orders worth whenever I do a new shoot but increasingly I'm just maintaining a "things to buy" folder and as orders come in I use that folder as filler.

I'd avoid the whole thing if I switched to doing the printing myself, but it's only worth doing if you use the very best printers, archival paper, archival pigment based inks, etc. If you're actually doing it right it's very expensive. Sad to say many people out there aren't doing it right, even if they claim they are (either due to ignorance or a lack of ethics).

On a related matter, I either have or have ordered everything I need to make cyanotypes. Cyanotypes are an old process (1842?) that produces an image in shades of blue. Historically it's had several kinds of uses (blueprints to botantical records) and these prints from 150 years ago still look great. None of this "well, the manufacturer promises..." stuff, they've actually survived that long. I have two in my office and love them.

It sounds like the kind of thing where it's easy to get something that more or less looks OK and can take a lifetime to master. I'm not sure how long it will take to get something I'm willing to sign, but once I do I'll put up some limited editions for sale. It's fairly time consuming so they won't be cheap and I imagine there won't ever be a lot of them.


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